Quick Energy Savings Tips by Electrician in Pasadena

It is time to talk dollar and cents. It is summer time and that means gas prices are going to go up. In fact, they already have. The cost of everything has gone up significantly in the past few months, including electricity. It makes sense to start looking for ways to save a few dollars here and there on the electric bill so you can still afford gas for your car and food for your family. An electrician in Pasadena has a few tips for you to help you reduce the amount of electricity you use on a monthly basis. You can always count on H Electric to provide you with information you need about energy savings.

Before you can truly start reducing your electric bill, you need to know what appliances in your home are driving the electric bill up. The biggest offender is your air conditioning unit. Its electricity demands are much higher than anything else in your house. By using ceiling fans, keeping the blinds closed and turning the thermostat up a couple of degrees, you can effectively reduce your Pasadena electric bill.

Your water heater is the next culprit. Limit hot showers and wash clothes in cold water whenever possible. Check the thermostat on your water heater. In many cases, it is turned up to a whopping 140 degrees. You could never use this hot of water on your skin without ending up being scalded. There is no point in heating the water to that point. Turn it down to 125 and you can save money.

Lighting is often the first thing you think of when you consider ways to reduce your electric bill. While turning off lights helps, you can also make a bigger impact by switching all of your light fixtures to CFLs. This can equate to a quick $20 in savings without sacrificing anything. Give H Electric a call to learn more or to have a new ceiling fan installed.

Busy Life Requires Electrician in Pasadena

Your electric car has the potential to save you a lot of cash this summer, if you use it right. By that, we are referring to the charging station you use to charge the car so it can run off of a battery rather than gasoline. Depending on the make and model of electric car you own, you will probably get an average of about 35 miles per full battery charge. If you already own an electric car with a Level I charger, you have probably realized that it takes a good 24 hours to fully charge your car. An electrician in Pasadena can help you shorten that charging time by half or more. The team at H Electric is here to help you save even more money on your weekly gas bill by installing an outlet that will support a Level II charger.

Level II chargers, also simply referred to as fast chargers, can give an electric car a full charge in as little as six hours. This is much more convenient for the family who is regularly on the go. The faster chargers require more electricity to operate, which is why you need an electrician familiar with Pasadena electrical needs. A 240-volt outlet will need to be installed in the area where you park your car. This outlet is not the standard outlet you would find in the garage or outside under the carport. It is the kind of outlet that is used to run your air conditioner or clothes dryer.

Before an electrician installs the outlet, you will need to have an electric panel inspection to determine whether or not your existing panel has enough room to support a 240-volt outlet. This is all information your electrician can explain to you in more detail. Give H Electric a call today to schedule your initial consultation.

Generators a Longstanding Investment Says Electrician in Pasadena

Your home is an investment that you hope will continue to grow and mature. As you know, it takes a lot of hard work to keep your home safe as well as modern and appealing. Some upgrades are purely cosmetic, but they are worthy. Safety features are certainly worth it, including an investment in a standby generator. An electrician in Pasadena is here to tell you about generators and how they can keep your home powered despite a bad storm. At H Electric, our team of experts is ready to help you with your goal of adding a backup power system to your home.

A standby generator is essentially a fail-safe to the power grid. You have probably experienced more than one power outage in your life. Sometimes, the power outage was short and sweet and didn’t give you any trouble. Then, there are times when the outages extend for hours or even days depending on where you live. Long power outages can be a real drag. Your family will no doubt start to express their unhappiness with the lack of electricity to power their gadgets.

A generator will need to be installed by an electrician familiar with Pasadena electrical needs. It will essentially become a fixture in the backyard or on the side of the house depending on where the electric panel is. The generator will be hard-wired into your home’s electric service. When the power goes out during a storm or for whatever reason, the generator will automatically turn on and restore power to your home. You won’t have to go outside to plug in extension cords or start up the generator. You can remain indoors where it is safe and comfortable. You can count on the team at H Electric to walk you through the process of choosing a standby generator and completing the installation. Give us a call today.

Relax in the Fresh Air with Outdoor Room by Electrician in Pasadena

With spring dawning, you are probably looking around your yard and wondering what projects you can get done for this year. It is fun and exciting to make upgrades and improvements to our homes. Each improvement is usually something that suits our particular style and interests. If you are somebody who loves to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air whenever possible, you may want to consider making your project for 2014 an outdoor room. With the help of an electrician in Pasadena, like those at H Electric, you can build a room that will give you the best of both worlds–the comfort of indoors with the freshness of the outdoors.

An outdoor room is basically a patio with a roof and partial walls. Beams will support the roof, but the sides are left open to allow the air to circulate. You can opt to have a full kitchen outside or a nice sitting area. It really depends on what you like to do outside. Some outdoor rooms are very luxurious with televisions, radios and every other luxury you would expect to find in a typical living room. You will need an electrician to take care of the Pasadena electrical wiring. Your outdoor room will be complete with outlets and lighting and even a fan if you desire.

The possibilities are endless and you have the freedom to pick and choose the amenities you want in your own outdoor living space. Some rooms include a screen around the walls to help keep out the bugs that will certainly want to visit while you are relaxing outside and out of the glare of the sun. Take some time to explore all the options available to you and determine what your budget will be. Once you have made a few decisions, give H Electric a call to begin the process of making your dream of an outdoor room a reality.

Electric Panel Upgrades by Electrician in Pasadena

Whether your home is fairly new or older than 50 years, it may be able to use an electric panel upgrade if you are having issues using the vacuum and the microwave at the same time. Tripping breakers could be a sign of trouble, like a weakened breaker, or it could mean the breaker is overloaded. If you switch appliances around and you are still unable to use everything you want without a breaker tripping, you would benefit from an electric panel upgrade by an electrician in Pasadena. At H Electric, we have the electricians you need to make your home work for you.

An electric panel upgrade is usually needed for homeowners who need additional breakers. If you have bought a new hot tub, are installing an electric car charger or simply need more available power in your home, you need a new breaker. Some older panels simply don’t have the room for another breaker. This is something an electrician will have to determine by checking out your Pasadena electrical needs. The actual amount of power available to a home is usually already predetermined and you will have little influence over that unless you go through some extra steps. Typically, the power is there, you just need an electrician to make it work for you with an extra breaker.

Another reason you may need to have your electric panel upgraded or replaced is if it is making some strange noises. A panel should be quiet. Humming or crackling noises could be a sign of trouble and you need to get an electrician out to determine the problem. It could be something as simple as a loose wire or something a little more labor intensive like a bad breaker. No matter what the case is, it is imperative it is handled by an experienced, certified electrician. Give H Electric a call today to take care of your electric panel upgrade.

Electric Safety Tips by Electrician in Pasadena

Electricity is in nearly everything we do. In some way, shape or form, we rely on electricity to help us get through the day. Whether it is lights, buying goods at local stores or even making dinner, we use electricity. Because electricity is so prevalent in our daily lives, it is imperative we know the dangers of electric shock and how to prevent it. It is just as important to teach these guidelines to kids. An electrician in Pasadena has some tips for you that will help keep you safe. The team at H Electric can provide you with more information.

*If an extension cord is a must, avoid running them across hallways or under carpets. If you have a shortage of outlets, consider hiring an electrician to install more to meet your needs.

*Only use extension cords that are designed for the electric load of an appliance.

*Do not overload outlets by plugging in more than one high-wattage appliance in. Microwaves should be on their own outlet.

*Ensure there are GFCI outlets in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Pasadena electrical shock can be avoided in areas that are prone to splashing water by using these outlets. GFCIs will trip the breaker and cut power to any device that comes into contact with water and the electric current is interrupted.

*If you have small children in the home, install outlet protectors to keep the kids from being tempted to put something in the holes.

*Pay close attention to warning signs there is an electrical problem. Things like outlets that are warm to the touch, breakers that trip frequently, or any other signs of burning wires are all indicators you need to have an electrician do an inspection.

If you would like to have more outlets installed or would like to schedule an electric safety inspection, give H Electric a call today.

Ceiling Fans Beneficial to Winter Heating Explains Electrician in Pasadena

Just because summer has come and gone does not mean it is time to shut off the ceiling fan and let it collect dust for the next several months as we get through winter. If you don’t have a ceiling fan, there is no time like the present to have an electrician in Pasadena install one for you. Yes, you can use a ceiling fan in the winter and it can actually help reduce your heating bill. You can call H Electric to learn more about the benefits of a ceiling fan in the winter, or read on.

Ceiling fans are meant to circulate the air in a room. That is not reserved for cool air only. During the winter, when the fan blades are switched to spin the opposite direction than they would in the summer, or clockwise, the warm air that floats to the ceiling is pushed out and down. The air will be pushed down around the outer edges of the room and will not create a chilly breeze in the occupied space. It doesn’t do any good to heat the ceiling and can actually end up costing you on your heating bill.

By keeping the warm air down where you tend to be, you will feel warmer and will be less inclined to crank up the heat. The thermostat will also monitor the temperature in the room and will not kick on as much when it registers the warm air. This will help keep your heating bill down. If you are not already taking advantage of a ceiling fan this winter, call an electrician familiar with Pasadena electrical needs. The ceiling fan can be installed in the place of an existing light fixture or a new electrical box can be added to a room to hang the fan. Give H Electric a call today and discuss your options.

Reduce Phantom Power and Save on Pasadena Electrical Bills

It is getting into the cooler months and you will be forced to turn on your heater to stay warm. Fortunately, the winters in Pasadena are mild, but cool nights can still end up costing you extra money on your electric bill. Not to mention, with the short winter days, you will be relying on your lights more. It is a recipe for high electric bills. However, you can soften the blow by learning how to control the phantom power being wasted in your home. An electrician in Pasadena is here to explain how you can save a few dollars every month. The team at H Electric can give you more power-saving tips.

Phantom power is the electricity pulled but goes unused. Things like your cell phone charger that tend to remain plugged in all the time and only used a few hours are costing you money. Even when your phone is not attached to the other end of the charger, it is drawing electricity. You know that little red light that is on the charger, that tells you it is using juice. This can be said of all of your techno gadgets. Save a few dollars by unplugging chargers that are not being used.

If you take a walk into your kitchen, look at everything that is currently plugged in. Before heading out for the day, unplug the toaster, coffeemaker, electric can opener and any other non-essential appliances that are not being used constantly. Pasadena electrical companies encourage you to save electricity by unplugging all electronics that are not in use.

Things like computers and entertainment systems are big energy draws even when they are not being used. It helps to have things plugged into a power strip. Power it all down and then simply turn off the power strip. Sure it adds a few extra minutes start up time, but it is surely worth the money you can save on your electric bill. Give H Electric a call if you have any questions about phantom power.