Electric Panel Upgrades by Electrician in Pasadena

Whether your home is fairly new or older than 50 years, it may be able to use an electric panel upgrade if you are having issues using the vacuum and the microwave at the same time. Tripping breakers could be a sign of trouble, like a weakened breaker, or it could mean the breaker is overloaded. If you switch appliances around and you are still unable to use everything you want without a breaker tripping, you would benefit from an electric panel upgrade by an electrician in Pasadena. At H Electric, we have the electricians you need to make your home work for you.

An electric panel upgrade is usually needed for homeowners who need additional breakers. If you have bought a new hot tub, are installing an electric car charger or simply need more available power in your home, you need a new breaker. Some older panels simply don’t have the room for another breaker. This is something an electrician will have to determine by checking out your Pasadena electrical needs. The actual amount of power available to a home is usually already predetermined and you will have little influence over that unless you go through some extra steps. Typically, the power is there, you just need an electrician to make it work for you with an extra breaker.

Another reason you may need to have your electric panel upgraded or replaced is if it is making some strange noises. A panel should be quiet. Humming or crackling noises could be a sign of trouble and you need to get an electrician out to determine the problem. It could be something as simple as a loose wire or something a little more labor intensive like a bad breaker. No matter what the case is, it is imperative it is handled by an experienced, certified electrician. Give H Electric a call today to take care of your electric panel upgrade.