Reduce Phantom Power and Save on Pasadena Electrical Bills

It is getting into the cooler months and you will be forced to turn on your heater to stay warm. Fortunately, the winters in Pasadena are mild, but cool nights can still end up costing you extra money on your electric bill. Not to mention, with the short winter days, you will be relying on your lights more. It is a recipe for high electric bills. However, you can soften the blow by learning how to control the phantom power being wasted in your home. An electrician in Pasadena is here to explain how you can save a few dollars every month. The team at H Electric can give you more power-saving tips.

Phantom power is the electricity pulled but goes unused. Things like your cell phone charger that tend to remain plugged in all the time and only used a few hours are costing you money. Even when your phone is not attached to the other end of the charger, it is drawing electricity. You know that little red light that is on the charger, that tells you it is using juice. This can be said of all of your techno gadgets. Save a few dollars by unplugging chargers that are not being used.

If you take a walk into your kitchen, look at everything that is currently plugged in. Before heading out for the day, unplug the toaster, coffeemaker, electric can opener and any other non-essential appliances that are not being used constantly. Pasadena electrical companies encourage you to save electricity by unplugging all electronics that are not in use.

Things like computers and entertainment systems are big energy draws even when they are not being used. It helps to have things plugged into a power strip. Power it all down and then simply turn off the power strip. Sure it adds a few extra minutes start up time, but it is surely worth the money you can save on your electric bill. Give H Electric a call if you have any questions about phantom power.