Preparing to Pull Out the Space Heater with Pasadena Electrician

With winter in its final stages, we are still dealing with some chilly nights and those random days where the temps are cool enough to warrant the use of a space heater. Space heaters are great and they can provide just enough heat to take the chill off without having to fire up the furnace and heat the entire house. Before you pull out the space heater, you need to read these safety tips provided by a Pasadena electrician. If you still have questions or concerns, you can call H Electric to learn more.

Before you plug in the space heater for the first time this cold weather season, you need to do a little inspection to make sure it did not become victim to rodent chewing. Rodents and other small critters have a strange tendency to chew on electrical cords. Make sure the cord is in good condition with no wires visible. If there is damage to the cord, the space heater is not safe to use and should be taken in for repair or tossed out.

If the inspection checks out, it is time to figure out where you will place your space heater. You will need to choose a place that is at least 3 feet from any furniture, drapes, and the walls to avoid overheating the material and possibly sparking a fire explains an electrician. Pasadena residents will want to make sure there are no papers or other flammable items too close to the heater as well.

After you have found the ideal location for your space heater, plug it in while making sure the cord is not in a footpath. A cord that is constantly stepped out will wear down and the wires may become exposed. Placing the cord under a rug is not a good idea either. Run the cord along a wall and out of the way as much as possible.

If you have any more questions about using a space heater, give H Electric a call today.