Ceiling Fans Beneficial to Winter Heating Explains Electrician in Pasadena

Just because summer has come and gone does not mean it is time to shut off the ceiling fan and let it collect dust for the next several months as we get through winter. If you don’t have a ceiling fan, there is no time like the present to have an electrician in Pasadena install one for you. Yes, you can use a ceiling fan in the winter and it can actually help reduce your heating bill. You can call H Electric to learn more about the benefits of a ceiling fan in the winter, or read on.

Ceiling fans are meant to circulate the air in a room. That is not reserved for cool air only. During the winter, when the fan blades are switched to spin the opposite direction than they would in the summer, or clockwise, the warm air that floats to the ceiling is pushed out and down. The air will be pushed down around the outer edges of the room and will not create a chilly breeze in the occupied space. It doesn’t do any good to heat the ceiling and can actually end up costing you on your heating bill.

By keeping the warm air down where you tend to be, you will feel warmer and will be less inclined to crank up the heat. The thermostat will also monitor the temperature in the room and will not kick on as much when it registers the warm air. This will help keep your heating bill down. If you are not already taking advantage of a ceiling fan this winter, call an electrician familiar with Pasadena electrical needs. The ceiling fan can be installed in the place of an existing light fixture or a new electrical box can be added to a room to hang the fan. Give H Electric a call today and discuss your options.